As an added benefit to Platinum Members of of's Fan Network, Drum Corps International will post Encorps! Videos of all 21 performances from the July 14 Coltrin & Associates DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta, Ga. This bonus event will feature full corps performances of 19 competing Division I corps, a performance by the CorpsVets and an encore performance by the Cavaliers. The four corps who will advance from afternoon to evening events will only have the evening performance included as part of EnCorps! Video. These videos have been added to the EnCorps! lineup to provide fans with another opportunity to experience the excitement of the 2007 Summer Music Games over and over again, all from the comfort of home. These EnCorps! Videos, taped at a high-camera angle are scheduled to be posted on Wednesday, July 18 for Platinum Members of's Fan Network to enjoy at any time. This event also is being streamed over the internet as part of a live WebCast starting at 12 p.m. Eastern time this Saturday. Become a Platinum Member of's Fan Network. Register to watch the Live WebCast from Atlanta.