Ensuring a safe and educationally appropriate drum corps experience is Drum Corps International’s top priority.

To reinforce our core value of Mutual Care and Respect, we are continuing to strengthen practices protecting every participant in all drum corps activities at every level.

Our strategic plan, adopted in 2017, includes specific action for promoting ongoing performer health, safety, and well-being:

Develop recommended organizational policies and procedures, educational needs, and participating organizations’ compliance enforcement mechanisms for approval by the DCI Board of Directors to address: Corps staff and volunteer misconduct (with appropriate background checks); performer physical safety; fraternization; sexual harassment; nondiscrimination; smoking, alcohol and substance abuse; concealed weapons; whistle-blower safety, and other related issues.

DCI’s Board of Directors will continue to examine these and other relevant policies at its upcoming meeting. These are ongoing actions to ensure safety procedures throughout the entire organization as well as strict adherence to the DCI Code of Conduct.