From an Esperanza press release: Esperanza and Zildjian are pleased to announce a new partnership beginning immediately. Esperanza will play and exclusively endorse all Zildjian cymbals. Since the 17th century in the city of Constantinople, Zildjian has created cymbals of spectacular clarity and power. The Zildjian secret is now four centuries old. It has been passed down between Zildjian heirs for 14 generations. Zildjian has been officially recognized as the oldest continually family-owned business in America. The Zildjian brand stands for more than expertise and a rich heritage of high-quality craftsmanship. Its essence is found in every thread of the drumming community, weaving together students, teachers, pros, old, young, and everyone in between. It is this commitment that makes Zildjian the first choice for Esperanza. "The quality of sound and tone of Zildjian cymbals makes them an obvious choice for
Esperanza," said Alan Cox, Director of Esperanza. "Zildjian combines the characteristics qualities that we need in our partners. Customer service is as important as quality
to Zildjian and we are thrilled to become part of the Zildjian family." "Zildjian is proud to have Esperanza playing our cymbals and welcome them into the Zildjian family," said Al Moffat of Zildjian. "We have been watching them as they have steadily improved over the past few years and wish them continued success." "We are very excited to be on board with the best cymbal company in the world. The combination of the professional quality, craftsmanship and selection will revolutionize our sound as both a percussion section and as a full corps," said John Mapes, Esperanza percussion caption head. "We look forward to a great relationship with Zildjian for years to come."