To whet your appetites for all the 2003 Drum Corps International CDs that will be ready soon (check back to early and often for specific ordering information), we created some new MP3s for your listening pleasure. We released them to subscribers yesterday (and last Wednesday). How do you get these clips right away? Register to get! If you're like us, you were blown away by Esperanza, who won Division II finals down in Orlando last month. Meanwhile, Jersey Surf's rendition of the Alice Cooper classic, "School's Out," had us laughing all day. And it's appropriate, given that school is now back in session! Rochester, N.Y.'s Patriots have been a mainstay of Division II excellence for a while, and after you hear this clip, you'll understand why. Meanwhile Impulse, from Cerritos, Calif., picked up the "entertainment" torch with its hilarious "Willy Wonka"-themed show this past summer.
Esperanza's closer, from Orlando
Jersey Surf's opener, from Orlando
The Patriots' closer, from Orlando
Impulse's opener, from Orlando