Andrea Child, 19, who marched in the Lehigh Valley Knights in 2003, submitted in this one. "In response to your plea for more pictures I dug through my giant pile of photos from tour and found one that I thought might be interesting. This is a picture of my "twin" Danielle (who actually sent in a photo of Evan and I a few months ago -- you entitled it The Bus to Brick). "This was taken on the bus right after semifinals. It was raining so we were all stuck on the bus waiting to go back to our housing site, and at the same time we were all excited because we had found out that we were going to finals for the first time. "We were all so excited and hungry and tired at the same time that it put us all in a very odd mood. We didn't even have the chance to wash off show makeup and such yet, but I don't think many of us cared at that point in time. "So Danielle took a suction cup hook off of the window and stuck it on her head as a joke. And to make it even better I put everyone's best friend over tour (Febreze) on the hook and snapped a photo. Afterwards we sat on the bus and munched on Cheerios and Skittles until we left." Thanks Andrea!
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