Drum Corps International's "Hot Chops" contest, presented by ChopSaver all-natural lip balm, came to a close on Friday, July 6, as Carolina Crown was voted to have the fan-favorite brass section of the night in Lawrence, Mass., making them recipient of all five "Hot Chops" contests this summer.
"During the five contests that took place over the past three weeks, fans were given the opportunity to vote, through cell phone text messaging, for their favorite brass, color guard, drum line and front ensemble sections from the performing corps at each select Drum Corps International competition," said Chris Weber, Communications Manager for Drum Corps International. "By the end of the fifth competition on Friday, more than 5,000 fans participated by submitting text message votes for their favorite corps."

ChopSaver creator Dan Gossling presents the
"Hot Chops" traveling trophy in Westminster.
Carolina Crown was previously voted to have the fan favorite brass line on June 16 in Annapolis, Md., favorite color guard on June 29 in Westminster, Md. and favorite drum line on June 30 in East Rutherford, N.J. At the fourth "Hot Chops" contest on July 4 in Beverly Mass., Carolina Crown also was voted to have the fan-favorite front percussion ensemble, although the Cadets and Phantom Regiment were rained out of the competition. "These contests have marked a new way for fans to interact with their favorite drum corps. It has given corps an unprecedented opportunity to engage their fans, and has given the fans the power to recognize their favorite groups, with a chance to put their fingerprints on the pages of drum corps history," Weber said. Purchase a tube of ChopSaver from the DCI.org online marketplace today. Learn more about ChopSaver at ChopSaver.com.