We asked for your DCI on ESPN2 party-watching ideas, and you've responded with stuff we never would have thought up. Here are just a few of them. Keep sending those ideas to feedback@DCI.org. Cheryl:
Great topic! I'm not really a partier, but I started thinking DCI party at the finals in Madison. I brought some Wisconsin brews with me back to Fort Worth, and I thought it would be nice to serve samples of those to everyone, making sure they're at least 21, of course. A cheese curd appetizer would be perfect. Johnsonville brats, sauerkraut, a nice spicy mustard and buns would make a nice game time meal. I don't know what the local specialties are in Pasadena, but it might be nice to include something from there to look forward to next year. A Cavaliers-themed cake would be my ideal dessert course, probably featuring the guard uniform design. We also find that as the TV broadcast comes around each year, we tend to want to pull out videos or DVDs from previous shows, so the party starts way before the broadcast begins. A costume party would be great too, come as your favorite corps, guard, theme etc. Jason:
Moody Blues "Peak Hour" salsa, Glassmen style! 1 small bucket fresh picked tomatoes
1 handfull fresh cilantro, finely chopped
1 large white onion, diced
salad oil
lime juice
taco seasoning
garlic salt
sugar Dice those tomatoes up and put them in a large serving bowl, seeds, juice and all. Don't waste any of it. Next, add onion and cilantro and blend together. Add equal amounts of oil and lime juice, but don't make soup out of it, just enough to get the mixture coated. Next add equal amounts of garlic salt and sugar to taste, and then finish with the Taco seasoning. Finally, grab a bag of restraunt style taco chips, pop in the 1994 Finals right before the ESPN2 broadcast. Recipe by Jason H., soprano '94 Glassmen "DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED" Ben M.:
Though Bobby Hoffman is not with us anymore, I think he would like this:
Bobby Hoffman's "Bobby on a Stick". Take some precooked, smoked sausages of your choice, cut into one-inch pieces, place them in a two-quart cooking pot and immerse them with your favorite barbecue sauce. Cook for ten minutes on medium heat, place in a bowl, and serve with multicolored tooth picks. Don't be surprised if the urge to where a bright orange wig takes place after eating these tasty tidbits. Pat "Dinnertime" G.
We are serving FLAM-Burgers on Single stroke rolls with paradiddles (French fries). Dan L.
I marched with the Blackwatch Highlanders (Auburn, Washington) from 1974-1976. One of our favorite meals was all the necessary ingredients for taco salad (seasoned hamburger, nacho chips, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onions and salsa) thrown into large plastic garbage bags and served with a large ladle out of the garbage can. (The bus trip the next day was... memorable.) We did the taco salad thing last year at our party while watching DCI on EPSN2. E. H. from OHS
I have a game idea; it's somthing that we have done at band camp for years. Take the name of two corps, one being your favorite (or goose) and one being your least favorite (the ducks). This may sound dumb, but its always a hit at band camp! You sit in a circle and play it just like Duck, Duck, Goose. You would go around the circle like so: "Coats, Coats, Coats, Coats, PHANTOM!" Then the "Phantom" would run around the cirle. As for when the "it" get caught they are not sent to the "mush pot," but have heat stroke and are sent to the hospital untill they get well. OK, so yes its a stupid game made up by bored high school band kids, but i though I could just amuse you all with it.