DCI.org asked you to give your feedback on the 2007 DCI rules proposals. Many have responded with wide-ranging viewpoints and opinions on all of the proposed rules up for discussion. Instructors and corps directors will deliberate on all 10 proposals at the upcoming Drum Corps International winter meetings next week from Jan. 25-28 in Atlanta. Here are a few excerpts from some who submitted feedback:
Stephanie Hamburg; Goodyear, Ariz.
"... I can't imagine how it can be beneficial to have a student serve a summer as a "prop handler" and not be counted as being a member of the corps. If students are within age limits, they should be recognized with the full benefit of membership ..." Tiffany Mueller; Tuscaloosa, Ala.
"... I believe that raising the limit of participating members per corps is a fantastic idea. With the influx of people, the auditions wouldn't seem as intense and scary. You would know that you have a larger chance to make the corps if you know that there are 'X' amount more spots available than there were the year before ..." Christopher Maher; Media, Pa.
"... Too many corps already have enough trouble filling the spots. Increasing membership limits will create an imbalance of talent in favor of the top corps. The top corps will add 15 more highly talented people and the lower corps will have open spots or be forced to take less talented people ..." Bret Andry; Columbus, Ohio
"... Increased membership size allows for more visual possibilities on the field, less stress trying to decide how to properly allocate 135 members across sections, and makes for a more dramatic performance ..." Gregory Hamilton; St. Charles, Mo.
"... Most of the proposals submitted seem to be more self-promoting (what's best for their corps) as opposed to what is best for the drum corps community ..." Victoria Kershaw; Austin, Texas
"... I think that we can trust that the corps will continue to make decisions that will lead them to new heights just like they have the past 35 years. I can't wait for the season to start, and I'll keep coming regardless of what rules are in play ..." Shawn Flowers; Little Rock, Ark.
"... There are enough performers on the field, and if we extended the membership limit every few years, drum corps will begin to look like college marching bands ..." Peter Hansen; Lawrence, Ks.
"... Given that a long term goal is to grow the activity and interest more young people in DCI you should focus on proposals that close the competitive gap between corps, not widen it ..." Harvey Phelps; Irving, Texas
"... I don't believe merging the two general effect captions is the right approach. I'm afraid it will lessen the musical emphasis in the activity which is already too diluted in today's adjudication system. Music continues to be the thing that stirs the soul of drum corps fans the most ..." Edwin Morales; San Francisco, Calif.
"... Think of the Blue Devils in 1997, the Cadets in 1998, and the Cavaliers 2001. Can anyone argue that those shows needed any of the proposed rule changes to be a better corps? ..."