Thousands of fans showed up to theaters across the United States on Thursday, April 26 to be a part of the 2007 Classic Countdown, Drum Corps International's annual spring cinema event. Here are a few excerpts from those who attended:
Robert Amaya; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
"... I landed at Miami International Airport at 4 p.m. after working a 10-hour flight from Paris. Even though I was exhausted, I was determined to race home and change out of my uniform to make it to the Classic Countdown to relive those moments 33 years ago when I wore a different type of uniform ... As a conversation between myself and a younger corps member I met at the Countdown continued, that unique bond and camaraderie developed that instantly happens when you meet someone that has marched Drum Corps. Soon all my apprehensions disappeared, and for a brief moment I felt like I was 21 all over again ..." Matt Atkin; Castaic, Calif.
"... I had an amazing time at this year's Classic Countdown. It was my first time ever going, and I wasn't disappointed. I loved it, and I am looking forward to participating and watching next year! ..." Chris Dufault; Fitchburg, Mass.
"... Each year the attendance at this event seems to have gone down. It needs to become more of an event just like a live show in the summer is ..." David Young; Tustin, Calif.
"... A suggestion for next year's Countdown would be to include interviews from actual corps rehearsal camps and auditions leading into the 2008 season. Most of us have already seen the shows of years past shown during the program, and what we are going to the cinema for is to bond with fellow drum corps fanatics ..." Mathew Tomsa; Berea, Ohio
"...My girlfriend and I attended the Classic Countdown and we are both veteran members of Phantom Regiment. Getting to watch myself on that big screen was awesome! When we were on our way out, there were quite a few people that came up to my girlfriend and I to tell us congratulations and that was one of the most humbling experiences of my life ..." Stephanie Taylor; College Station, Texas
"...This year in College Station the crowd was definitely smaller, but I loved it just the same. Even without the huge crowd, you still felt the excitement in the theater ... This year's Classic Countdown was my third, so obviously I haven't missed one, and as long as you show it, you can trust that I will be sitting in one of the theaters, wherever that may be! ..." Clay Carroll; Chapel Hill, N.C.
"... The countdown as usual was good, but I would prefer it if shows from the previous season were not eligible since we just 'got done seeing them last summer' in a sense ..." Nathan Stokes; Keizer, Ore.
"... We pulled into the parking lot and it was basically deserted. When my group got into the theater we realized that whatever cars were in the parking lot belonged to the DCI crowd. It was pretty cool to see that DCI basically owned the theater that night ..." Dorothy Marshall; Ridgecrest, Calif.
"This was the first time I got to view the Countdown. I would have liked to have seen more older corps included in the program ... As I was watching the Bridgemen it brought back memories of how it was when I marched, from the starter's pistol going off, to all the judges on the field, to seeing the American flag coming down the 50-yard-line. Wow! ..." Jeff Oliver; Myrtle Beach, S.C.
"... Getting to see eight full-length shows on the big screen at this time of the year—perfect! It was cool to see so many different people at the theater. There were kids that had to be six or seven years old there all the way up to seniors. And then when the show started, before any performance was shown, when everyone started clapping and cheering, it was awesome! ..."