DCI.org asked you to give your feedback on the 2007 DCI rules proposals which were unveiled to the public last week. Many have responded with wide-ranging viewpoints and opinions on all of the proposed rules up for discussion. Instructors and corps directors will deliberate on all 10 proposals at the upcoming Drum Corps International winter meetings from Jan. 25-28 in Atlanta. Here are a few excerpts from some who submitted feedback:
Carnegie Milligan; Hinesville, Ga.
"... No! No! No! ... OK, yes! My heart screams "No," but my head says "Yes" to all the proposed rules changes ..." Thomas Tvardzik; The Colony, Texas
"... With the passage of these proposed rules, I would respectfully request you cease and desist calling this activity by the hallowed and revered words "drum corps" ... What was once a patriotic and (some would say) quasi-militaristic pageant involving precision, discipline, musicianship, sacrifice and camaraderie, has turned into nothing less than a traveling Broadway show ..." Aaron Majors; Houston, Texas
"... The drum corps activity is an evolving art form. I think it is time that we take a step in a new direction. In the musical world we live in, electronics are commonplace. I believe that the tasteful use of these instruments could greatly benefit the activity by providing entirely new sounds for the designers, and taking the shows and concepts into a totally new place ..." Patrick Flynn; Kalamazoo, Mich.
"... Raising the maximum enrollment in Division I to 150 sounds feasible and sensible. My concern, is that you should also raise the maximum for Division II & III respectively ..." Sarah Jenkins; Indianapolis, Ind.
"... My passion for drum corps is deeply rooted in the pure, smooth sound of brass coupled with the intensity of the percussion. The addition of electronic instruments, especially with the addition of amplification in recent years, would drown out the true voice of drum corps ..." Bert van der Toorn; The Netherlands
"... Pure skills and sounds are what makes drum corps, drum corps. Seeing and hearing what those great performers can do without any electronic help is what makes drum corps different ..." Chuck Meehan; Grand Rapids, Mich.
"... As a 50-year veteran of the drum corps activity, I have seen many changes. In the last few years, some are tough to swallow ..." Howard Hillyer; Pittsburgh, Pa.
"... I am against the use of any electronic equipment whatsoever ... symphony orchestras do not use them, opera companies do not use them and drum corps should not use them ..." Jeremy Serkin; New York, N.Y.
"... No one says you have to use props. Let the members perform, not a "roadie." If a prop can't be used/maneuvered with the allowable 135 members, don't include it. The performers should be responsible for 100 percent of the performance ..." Richard Jacobson; Grovetown, Ga.
"... This activity is about education and performance art, and additional members within the corps' would increase both involvement for those receiving the education and entertainment for those for whom they perform ..." Brooks Andersen; Oklahoma City, Okla.
"... An Overall Effect judge is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Great shows are determined by how well everything works together, and this would very much change scores to reflect this ..." Brett Comer; Chester, Pa.
"... This activity is for the kids! DCI gives kids a chance to become strong, disciplined, quality musicians/entertainers. Whatever you do, never ever let that change ..."