DCI.org asked you to give your feedback on the 2008 DCI rules change proposals. Many have responded with wide-ranging viewpoints and opinions on all of the proposed rules up for discussion.

Instructors and corps directors will evaluate and deliberate on all 10 proposals at the upcoming Drum Corps International Annual Meeting & Conference Weekend from Jan. 24-27 in Orlando.

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Here are a few excerpts from some who submitted feedback:

Garry P.; Las Vegas, Nev.

"... In regards to increasing the length of performances, I wouldn't mind longer performances from the corps, but will neighborhood noise restrictions and longer shows mean that we'll see less corps per show? ..."

Thomas O.; Edgewater N.J.

"... I do like the brass amplification proposal in that it would give designers more creativity with staging. It could mean that designers may not necessarily have to pull a soloist out of a pattern or allow them to feature smaller ensembles while corps are perhaps involved in creating a great visual effect at the same time ..."

Jeff R. ; Circleville, Ohio

"... By increasing the maximum age limit, it may force the younger crowd to not audition for some of the bigger name corps. It may also detract from the senior corps circuit ..."

Bob I. ; Copley, Ohio

"... The drum corps activity is becoming more complex and innovative, so the use of an expert is much more practical than consuming a corps member and having him learn about sound boards. Imagine if this rule were to apply to Broadway shows! ..."

Matthew B. ; New Hartford, N.Y.

"... I truly believe that there is an educational experience from using amplification. I used to know little about electronics. During my two summers as a corps member, we learned about our soundboard, speakers, and many different microphones and placements. Learning roughly how to do this has allowed me to take what I have learned and apply it to high schools that I have taught. A better knowledge of anything is a positive ..."

Clay M. ; Marietta, Pa.

"... I believe that it is a good idea to use a double panel of judges, This will help spread the opinion on scores and rankings and provide more feedback to corps ..."

Robert M. ; Troy, Ala.

"... Amplification has had its run of fun and experimentation in drum corps, but it's time to get back to basics. Instead of worrying about where the setting is on the volume dial, let's focus on the dynamic level of the individual in relation to the group ..."

Harold B. ; Torrance, Calif.

"... There is a particular magic in the human hand, the human soul, the human breath. It is being supplanted on all fronts by the un-human texture of digital sound and vision. Please honor the tradition and uniqueness of drum corps by returning us to a simple and wonderfully human art form ..."

Bridget L. ; Sioux City, Iowa

"... As a member of a front ensemble, I know that we are not heard when we are not amplified, and to beat the instruments harder in order to be heard would cause unnecessary damage and premature termination of instruments and even the players with conditions such as tendonitis ..."

Tom K. ; New Orleans, La.

"... In regards to the rule proposal to increase the maximum age limit, eventually we need to send the baby birds out of the nest and let them fly. We all have to grow up eventually, and believe me that extra year to march is very enticing to an individual that has a choice of going into the real world or the magical world of drum corps where you can delay "growing up" for one more summer ..."

Duncan M. ; Franklin, Tenn.

"... The magic of drum corps is the amazing amount of sound and energy that the human body can produce on its own, without the need of amplifiers. That's what brings the chills! The use of amplification only spoils that magic ..."

Steve S. ; San Jose, Calif.

"... I welcome the proposal to extend shows to a maximum of 12 minutes and 30 seconds. I miss 13 minute shows and agree that there are times when it would be nice to see a corps have a little more time to fully develop the presentation ..."

Curtis W. ; Orange Park, Fla.

"... Putting electronics on the field is like George Lucas making more Star Wars movies. It doesn't need to happen. We liked it the way it was ..."

Karl S.; Bowling Green, Ohio

"...I strongly disagree with the proposal to eliminate the second percussion judge. Having an additional set of eyes and ears on the field is a distinct advantage and produces a more balanced and realistic evaluation of the performance ..."

Kendall K. ; Cedar Falls, Iowa

"... Overall, I think the rule changes for this year are of greater quality than in recent years passed, and I hope for the sake of the current membership in DCI that the directors make the right decisions that I know is in their hearts ..."