DCI.org asked you to give your feedback on the 2008 DCI rules change proposals. Many have responded with wide-ranging viewpoints and opinions on all of the proposed rules up for discussion.

Instructors and corps directors will evaluate and deliberate on all 10 proposals at the upcoming Drum Corps International Annual Meeting & Conference Weekend from Jan. 24-27 in Orlando.

Here are a few excerpts from some who submitted feedback:

Ali C.; Lincoln, Neb.

"... As a four year veteran of a top-five drum corps, I have put in countless hours of work and thousands of dollars in this activity. It has all been well worth it, but I have done this with a view to my "age-out" year, which would be 2008. If the rule to increase member age limits passes, my "age-out" will be moved to 2009. I want to age out with my class! ..."

Mike D.; Plainsboro, N.J.

"... One of the hallmarks of drum corps since I first started marching in 1964 has been the desire to move forward and improve the activity on as many fronts as possible. This includes the equipment, the show designs, judging standards, member experience ... One of the reasons DCI was formed was so that the corps could control their own destinies. Along those lines, I totally agree with permitting electronic instruments ..."

John B.; Winter Haven, Fla.

"... Maybe I am just a purist, but I don't like amplification. Part of what makes drum corps special is the extraordinary talent it takes to produce a good effect from acoustic instruments in a stadium setting ..."

Nate C.; Michigan City, Ind.

"... I wish people would see the great thing they have before them before they change too much and it's no longer the activity they love. Other professional sports do not add new rules every year that drastically change how the activity is performed ..."

Glen H.; Denver, Colo.

"... Some of the proposed rule changes are taking away from the ingenuity of the activity. In the past we were able to get the sounds we wanted by thinking and finding items that would give that sound. Use ingenuity instead of technology and teach different techniques to solve problems ..."

Drew A.; Greenbrier, Tenn.

"... Change is inevitable but for the sake of us on the outside looking in, please try to keep in mind that tradition (to an extent) is just as important as innovation in the perpetuation of our activity ..."

Emilie R.; Madison, Wis.

"... Increasing the age limit for performers is great. It is always positive to allow more young people the opportunity to perform and experience the amazing life-changing effects of drum corps ..."

Chad K.; Washington, DC

"... The age limit change is a fantastic proposal, as it allows a greater number of young adults to take part in the activity. Particularly for members of the armed forces, who may enlist at 18, if the rule change takes effect, may have the opportunity to take part in the activity after four years of service to their country ..."

Joe H.; Hutchinson, Kan.

"... Drum corps should not be required to change bit by bit into something unrecognizable in order to be considered a valid creative vehicle. If artistic expression is the do-all and be-all for some, then there are an infinite number of other channels of expression available for exploitation ..."

Ken K.; Amelia, Ohio

"... I am opposed to any sort of amplification for the brass line. Part of the process of designing a show is staging the performers properly to allow for the correct impact ..."

Kent B.; Dumfries, Va.

"... The pageantry arts as a whole (to include marching bands, winter guards, indoor drum lines, and drum corps) have embraced the current technology both as a creative tool for the designers and as a performance opportunity for students. Proposals to limit or eliminate that technology are ludicrous ... we might as well eliminate the third valve or force groups to march with keyboards and timpani ..."

James M.; Durham, N.H.

"... The biggest rush corps members can get on the field is having thousands of people cheer because they blew the house down - not because the amp was turned to 11 ..."

John A.; Peoria, Ill.

"... If members are "retiring" later [if the corps member age limit proposal were to pass], there will be fewer openings for new members. Supply will exceed demand. This will discourage potential new members ..."

Kenton N.; Orem, Utah

"... Narration often imposes itself over my own interpretations of a performance and confines my thought process to the actual script. In other words; I'd rather challenge the show designers to paint with sound and tell stories through movement ... "