The Cavaliers' 2003 program, "Spin Cycle," will contain all original music, as have the corps' shows of the recent past. The program, meanwhile, will also contain two or three "pop-culture identifiers" (as exemplified by last year's "Fight Club" sequence, a reference to the 1999 movie of the same name), according to corps director Jeff Fiedler. "It's definitely our goal to have two or three things in the programs that are 'pop-culture identifiers,' and they'll be related to what we're doing," Fiedler said. "It's an original composition, and it's based upon the interests and the interaction between our visual and musical designers, based on their discussions and their thoughts," Fiedler said of the program. "You're going to hear and see 'Spin Cycle.'" Fiedler said that the corps' leadership team entertained about 15 show ideas, and that "everyone gravitated toward the 'Spin Cycle' concept. That was the one we thought we'd have the most success with on the field, and have the most fun with," Fiedler said. The show is designed to be relatable to audiences. "We thought it was the most relatable concept -- in your life, things come back around. Life moves in a circle -- it's cyclical -- and those are things we're drawing on," Fiedler said, adding that "putting the word 'spin' on it made it more multidimensional." "Spin Cycle" will continue to evolve as the season nears, Fiedler said. "We kind of know where we want to go. It's neat how it gets shaped as we go along," Fiedler said. Earlier this month on the Cavaliers' Web site, Fiedler described the "Spin Cycle" concept: "Motion is a never-ending entity, it circles, it rotates, it goes forward and in reverse, it can move the viewer and it can be moved, it can co-exist in parallel and in opposition, it can have great speed or move like the growth of a tree. It can change color, shape and size. Motion is all around us and can be multidimensional, it can be heard, it can be seen, it can be felt, it can be experienced."