Nine proposed changes to Drum Corps International's rule book are up for discussion at this year's annual winter business meetings and rules congress at the end of January. In this edition of the Field Pass presented by Zildjian, Dan Potter digs deep into the proposed changes with DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario and what they might mean for the drum corps activity.

A Closer Look at 2016's Rules Proposals

A biennial event, the DCI Rules Congress is a process that is directed primarily by the participating drum corps. During scheduled sessions January 29 and 30 in Denver, drum corps instructors will meet by caption in individual caucus sessions to discuss the proposals.

One staff member from each eligible corps (World Class member corps and the previous season's Open Class finalists) will be polled to determine whether or not the proposal should be passed along to the full membership to debate, discuss and eventually vote on in the final round of the rules change process.

In addition to the formalized rules process, a number of proposed procedural and administrative changes brought forth by Drum Corps International's Rules and Systems Task Force will also be discussed and considered in both individual instructor caucus sessions and by representatives of DCI's voting member corps.