One of the primary focuses of Drum Corps International’s #MarchForth outreach in 2022, is the launch of a new initiative dubbed the “Fill Every Corps” project.

In the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns experienced across the country and around the world, DCI’s World and Open Class corps are working together to welcome and engage a new generation of students into their ranks for the summer of 2022.

The new initiative being coordinated by Drum Corps International focuses on matching prospective performers, regardless of their current audition status, with available positions in corps nationwide. DCI is working directly with its participating organizations to compile a week-by-week list of current openings in every section of their corps and is sharing inquiries from interested performers for prompt follow-up to “Fill Every Corps” as the summer of 2022 continues to come into focus.

“Like many scholastic music programs at both the high school and college level, DCI’s corps are experiencing similar challenges reengaging students,” said Chris Komnick, Madison Scouts executive director and the chair of DCI’s member organizations. “I think prospective students would be surprised with how many spots are still available in corps for this summer. Even with the spring upon us, it is not too late to get involved for this year’s milestone 50th anniversary season.”

Beyond competitive lines, corps across the country are banding together in this unprecedented effort to make sure that as many students who want to be involved have the opportunity to do so.

Whether prospective performers have already auditioned for one or more corps, requested audition info but never actually began the process, or are just now making the decision to take their first steps toward the summer of 2022, they simply need to fill out DCI’s 2022 Participation Interest Form after which they will have further follow up from DCI and its participating corps.