Kevin Nevsimal submitted this photo and caption.

This photo was taken after the World Championship Finals in 2008 after we had left the parking lot and gone back to our housing site. From left to right: Neal McFarland (Cavaliers trumpet 2006-2008), Fernando Diaz (Cavaliers baritone 2006, 2008-present), Kevin Nevsimal (Cavaliers mellophone 2004-2008), Keegan Jerabek (Cavaliers trumpet 2005-2008), and in the background Nathan Gropp (Cavaliers tuba 2006-2008).

We were hanging out outside the housing site and the volunteers were trying to get rid of six full trays of lasagna from that day that hadn't been eaten. Needless to say, we all ended up with our own tray, and it was a fantastic ending to a fantastic summer!