Emily Schlueter
Emily Schlueter, 20 Bowling Green State University Glassmen Mellophone 2008-2011 What do you think is important in choosing which corps to audition for? Every drum corps has a different feel, and it's important to find one that fits your personality. Marching is something you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life. Whatever corps you choose will become a permanent part of you, so it is crucial to pick one that you feel best represents who you are. How do you like to prepare for an audition? The key to a successful audition is preparation (or sometimes luck, but we don't want to take any chances there). The better prepared you are, the more confident you will feel walking in for your audition. Practice playing (or spinning) your audition piece in front of other people to help eliminate any stage fright, and go into the audition with a positive attitude. What was your experience like the first time you auditioned for a corps? My first drum corps experience is a 48-hour blur in my memory. The part that I remember most is how much fun it was to play with so many talented performers. I was coming from a small, high school band program, so playing in a horn line with more than 100 other musicians was incredible. Sleeping in a gym full of people was kind of fun too. What advice would you give to somebody who is nervous or unsure about auditioning? You will never know until you try. After all, the worst that can happen is that you don't make it and you're not in the drum corps. You're already not in the drum corps right now, so really you've got nothing to lose! Everyone at the camp will be nervous, including that one sixth-year veteran member who's been around forever. Have fun, talk to people, and enjoy the audition weekend. Even if you don't make the corps, you'll still have had an incredible experience. Any other tips? Don't forget to oil your valves, bring flip-flops to wear in the shower, and don't spend the whole weekend on the phone with your friends and family who are waiting at home. There will be plenty of people around you who love to do the same thing that you do, so make some friends! Learn more about corps audition dates, locations and additional info.