Mike R. submitted this photo and caption.

Here is a great shot of our drum line. For Blue Rock, 1971 was a banner year for us. We won the CYO Nationals and came in fourth place at the VFW Championships taking first place in percussion.

We were the first corps to field 10 snare drums under the direction of DCI Hall of Fame member Joe Marrella. We were always in the top three positions, if not first for M&M (marching and maneuvering). Our program was designed and taught by Ralph Pace (DCI Hall of Fame) and John Worster. Our show was the most entertaining and innovating for that year.

Most of us back then started in drum corps at an early age and participated till we aged out. My start was at age 12 in a small town corps, then I joined up with Blue Rock at 17 until I was 21. These were the best years of my and all of our lives.

Go drum corps!