Patty Walkley, a 1979 member of the Troopers, submitted this photo and caption.

This photo was taken during my summer as a proud member of the Troopers in 1979. It is of the color guard rifle line sitting on the equipment truck. Some may remember 1979 as a "Cinderella season" for the corps. No one expected us to earn a slot in finals, but our preliminary performance was pure magic. Everything we had worked for came together in those moments, and miraculously it got us the 12th slot in Finals at the World Championships in Birmingham.

I have continued to love and support the drum and bugle corps activity. I was so proud to see the Troopers take the field this past summer at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. I proudly waved my old Troopers silk (flag) from the stands.

My love for music and performance has permeated my life. I am a music educator in Cheyenne, Wyo., and I continue to be an avid drum corps fan.