Christina Mavroudis-Dempsey sent this classic Blue Devils picture.

I took this photo at a Blue Devils rehearsal camp in 1981. We were learning Don Ellis' "Pussy Wiggle Stomp," which is a production number leading into our percussion solo. It was later replaced by the Indian-influenced and much more sophisticated "La Danse du Bonheur." Our cymbal, timpani and mallet tech, Tom Nanni, an all-around amazing percussionist, brought the song to Blue Devils. In recalling the original piece of music, it was the first time I ever heard vocal percussion as song. It was rhythmically very difficult.

Among some of the familiar people in the picture: tenor drum/timbale tech Scott Johnson (blue vest), percussion caption head Terry Shalberg (cowboy hat), drum major Steve Sanger, Blue Devils' current director and DCI Hall of Fame member Dave Gibbs, assistant drum major/mellophone Steve Greene, and DCI Hall of Fame member Fred Sanford.

On timpani is Tom Wieske. Tom was one of the first musicians to play a grounded percussion instrument.

Thanks, Christina!