Steven Kloose of Sacramento, Calif., sent these classic photos.

I marched in 1981 with the Freelancers from Sacramento, Calif. I played soprano. It still bugs me to no end that while we placed 11th that year at Finals, it was not filmed for posterity in Montreal. Instead they filmed DCI Midwest, which [our fault!], we didn't make Finals.

These two photos are from the Madison Scouts of that year, 1981. They had just won a regional show. I can't be sure which one, but I think it might have been DCI Midwest. After the show, they formed at the front sidelines and played their entire show in celebration. It was magnificent! Their "Malaguena" never sounded so good! The color guard was at parade rest for the performance and I snapped these two photos with my 110 camera no less! Hey, I was only 14 at the time and it was 1981 after all.

I'm looking forwards to this year's finals in Pasadena. For once it's on the West Coast for we Californians, and my old drum corps buddies are heading down for the show. Can't wait!

Thanks, Steven!