1983 Colts
The Colts perform during the DCI Midwest Prelims on July 30, 1983 at Warhawk Stadium in Whitewater, Wis. Colts' production in 1983 focused on "Mississippi Suite" by American composer Ferde Grofe who is perhaps best known for his "Grand Canyon Suite." A staple of the corps' programming throughout the '80s, the Colts also incorporated a number of show tunes into their program including pieces from "Guys and Dolls" and "Showboat." Utilizing a variety of props and costumed characters to set the stage for this production, the corps embraced theatrical elements to bring the story to life on football fields across the country. Colts finished in 20th place at the Whitewater event, and would go on to finish the summer of 1983 in 22nd place at the DCI World Championship Semifinals in Miami. Photo from the Drum Corps World archives. Scanning and archival services provided by Drum Corps International corporate partner WeScanFiles.com.