The Flotlin family of Seattle is closely linked to the Seattle Cascades. Kelsey Flotlin, 17, marches with the corps, while her father, Mark Flotlin, has been on the corps' Board of Directors for seven years. Kelsey's sister also marched with the Cascades. "(I'm) very pleased with the progress the organization is making. We have great kids and the activity is great to them. Kelsey's mom, Reggie Flotlin, is equally excited about the Seattle Cascades. "(The show is) very impressive, and it's one of those shows that has something for everybody. It's a fun show, and it's really pretty too!" Reggie Flotlin said. "When they wak on the field, I get drymouth. I hold my breath because I want them to fo a great job," Reggie Flotlin said.Mark Flotlin added that he is very impressed with the city of Madison, and that the citizens here are very familiar with the drum corps activity.