After concluding a comprehensive participation review process, involving site visitations and the submission of applications and detailed supporting documentation, three junior and one all-age drum corps have been conditionally approved for participation in various aspects of the Drum Corps International 2006 Summer Music Games Tour, while one corps did not satisfactorily complete the evaluation procedure and will be continuing its reorganization and planning for a hopeful return to the field next season. Quest, of Brooklyn, N.Y., will be reemerging in Division III activity this summer on a regional basis with limited travel as its board of directors and corps director Thomas Fischer work to rebuild the organization after a several year hiatus from participation in the tour. Upon completion of remaining administrative filings, the corps will be taking the competition field along with a cross-town Division III neighbor, startup corps Vision Elite, which plans a more robust tour and travel schedule, including a trip to Madison this summer to compete in the 2006 World Championships. Vision Elite is the newest addition to the Brooklyn Music and Arts program, which is also home to the renowned Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band. The corps is under the direction of Antonio Thompson, while Tyrone Brown is the executive director of Brooklyn Music and Arts. According to Brown, "We're looking forward to completing our final paperwork requirements and to taking the field this summer to introduce our members to the world of drum corps and DCI." Trinity, of Seguin, Texas, also was approved conditionally. The corps will be working along with JW Koester, coordinator of Division II & III, to address remaining administrative details as well as the development of several internal organizational systems and controls. The corps will participate in the DCI Division II & III national tour including the World Championships in Madison, Wis. The all-age DCA finalist Carolina Gold of Rocky Mount, N.C., was approved for participation as an affiliate member of the DCI Atlantic Division, pending completion of remaining procedural requirements. The corps will participate in several DCI events this summer. According to evaluator and DCI Atlantic division coordinator Tony DiCarlo, "Carolina Gold has an impressive operation and we are pleased to welcome them as an affiliate member of the Atlantic Division."` The Americanos corps of Menasha, Wis., was not approved for competitive status for 2006. "While the organization has made tremendous strides in reducing their outstanding debt and the development and implementation of a solid business plan for their future organizational development, member recruitment challenges will hinder their efforts of returning to the field in celebration of their 70th anniversary in 2006," Koester said. "We will continue to work with them to help make their return a reality in 2007," Koester added. Butch Kolosso, president of the Americanos' board of directors, although disappointed, is optimistic. "We will continue to work hard on our return to the field next year. The Americanos have a legacy of creativity and excellence on the field of competition, and we fully expect to use that legacy to fuel our return to the field in 2007," he said. "DCI has helped to provide us with a framework to facilitate our long-term success. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to surpass everyone's expectations."