DrumLine Battle the recently-announced new program from Drum Corps International, has selected its first four teams volunteering to take part in "demonstration virtual battles" to be staged in early spring. "We are extremely pleased with the overwhelming response and interest in DrumLine Battle," said John DeNovi, Senior Director of Business Development for Drum Corps International. "After only a few days, the inquiries are already surpassing our expectations. Percussionists from around the world are beginning to create their "Battle Plans" to join us in this exciting new adventure." The first four teams selected represent four very different types of percussion ensembles, while all sharing similar instrumentation. "DrumLine Battle will become a worldwide phenomenon because it is designed to be inclusionary," added DeNovi. "As you'll see from our first four demonstration teams, the opportunity to have fun in this environment is already bringing together people from many different walks of life and remote corners of the world." The first four DrumLine Battle demonstration teams are:

Denver Broncos Stampede Drumline, Denver, Colorado USA

Denver Broncos Stampede Drumline

Madah Bahana University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia

Madah Bahana University of Indonesia

Center Grove High School Drumline, Greenwood, Indiana USA

Center Grove High School Drumline

Jersey Surf World Class Drum Corps, Camden County, NJ USA

Jersey Surf World Class Drum Corps
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