By Erin Rigelman I remember watching the Rose Parade on TV as a kid and thinking how cool it would be to be able to participate in it. Of course, I had no idea how long the parade actually was, nor did I ever think I would march in it -- twice! Like any opportunity to perform in a post-season event, being able to participate in "The Granddaddy of Them All" with the University of Michigan was truly amazing. Check out some photos. The trip to Pasadena is unique for a marching band because it requires a lot more work than most other bowls. I have always enjoyed the bowl trips because it gives me just a little more time to be with the amazing people in the Michigan Marching Band. It was especially meaningful this year, my senior year, even though we lost the game. One of the coolest things about going to bowl games is the opportunity to see college bands from conferences other than the Big Ten. I think that kind of exposure to organizations that are so different from your own is very important. It provides a chance for groups to learn from one another, and it gives members an opportunity to meet people from all around the country who share the same passion for collegiate marching performance. Participating in the Michigan marching band's drum line while also participating in the drum line at the Bluecoats has made for some hectic times over the last four years. While styles differ, the overall goal is the same: To be the best you can be. By exposing myself to so many different styles and instruction, I feel I have gained more than just technical knowledge. I've learned about the way people work, and how people work together. The Bluecoats and the Michigan marching band are the two most classy and professional organizations I have ever encountered, and I am honored to have been a part of them both.