I'm amazed with this year's Blue Devil color guard. The same night we pulled into Atlanta, we began learning work. The next morning, we learned an entire song. That same day, we learned the closing flag work. All of our minds were tired but some how we managed to get through it.This morning (Thursday, June 20) we had a five-hour block to lock down our new work and get things coordinated with the corps. I have to laugh because this morning reminded me how easily drum corps makes you realize the smallest joys in life. Today I praised my water jug and savored every gulp of ice cold Gatorade after we ran through huge sections of the show. It really is the small things that make you smile when you're marching.Tonight we also had our first show with the Cavaliers. Surprisingly, we made it through (we did it!). I have to admit that even though I've marched in the Blue Devils since I was 17, I still get nervous. Everything is a mental game for me now. I better go now, I have some mental homework to do - and I think the buses are loading. Off to Alabama! Yippee! By Jessica AllenBlue Devils Guard CaptainJessica Allen, 21, of Hayward, Calif., is contributing a "From the Road" tour diary entry to https://dci.org on Fridays this summer. This is Allen's fifth year as a Blue Devil, and she is the Blue Devils' color guard captain (and also a member of the guard).Allen is in the midst of transferring schools, but is studying performing arts administration. She is also one of the subjects of the upcoming PBS Drum Corps International broadcast that will look into the lives of several corps members."Everything is going well. I'm pleased with how the show looks so far. I'm excited about making this the best season yet," Allen says of the Blue Devils' program this year.Allen will age out at the end of the summer. "It hasn't hit me yet. The past five years have flown by. Marching in summers has become a normal part of my life. I won't know how much I miss it until next summer," Allen said of aging out.Soprano Jeff Lynn, 21 and Allen's boyfriend, will also be contributing to the Blue Devils' "From the Road" column. Lynn has marched in the Blue Devils organization for 16 years. Lynn is from Concord, Calif., and is studying music performance at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, Calif. "Performing is my passion. I would love to have performance be my life," Lynn said.Of the Blue Devils' ensemble this year, Lynn said, "This is the strongest show in my six years with the Blue Devils A corps. The horn line has the best talent I've seen in a couple years. It's a very strong group." For more information, visit the Blue Devils' official site.