The past week has been great! We had a rehearsal day and a movie night on July 5 in Hershey, Pa. Our movie choices were "Men in Black II" and "Minority Report." There was even a Kmart nearby and a few restaurants nearby for those not interested in the movie. The show in Hershey was the following evening, July 6. It was the first show where we included the Pledge of Allegiance and the ballad. We began our weeklong tour of New York the next day starting in Cortland. The Color Guard started making changes to part one of the opener, but they weren't put in the show for a few days. July 8, 9 and 10 we were in Ft. Edwards, N.Y. We had full rehearsal days on the eighth and ninth, during which time we completely changed about two-thirds of the opener. The show last night (July 10) went well with all of the changes included, and the audience in attendance was receptive (as always). Today is the show day in Ft. Edwards, and tomorrow we'll be in Buffalo to complete our tour of New York.