This past week we were in Jacksonville, Fla., for our final music-in-school clinic. There were approximately 100 students in attendance. Unfortunately the rain kept us inside most of the time but it was still a very productive day. Saturday in Orlando we were again confronted with rain, but hey, that's what makes the summer exciting, right? Luckily the show wasn't rained out that night and we were able to face the Blue Devils and the Cavaliers for the first time this season. We were all very excited about the crowd's reaction to our show as well as our performance level as a whole. Sunday was our parade through the Magic Kingdom followed by six hours of free time in the park. Monday and Tuesday were shows in Columbia, S.C., and Winston-Salem, N.C. Since we only had a four-hour bus ride Monday night, we were treated to a couple hours' floor time upon arrival in North Carolina. Floor time is ALWAYS fun.Wednesday was a rehearsal day in Maryland, and it was also a laundry day. After six and a half hours of marching in sectionals, each bus took off for a separate laundromat. The guard bus was lucky enough to have a Starbucks, Boston Market and grocery store nearby, so that made for a fun-filled three hours of clean clothes and time in the real world. Today (Thursday) is yearbook picture day, and a show in Herndon, Va., and tomorrow we'll be in Lansdale, Pa. By Wendy Stone Cadets Color Guard On Thursdays this summer, Wendy Stone, a color guard member of the Cadets, will be submitting "Notes from the Road." Stone, 21, is from Marietta, Ga., and will be aging out at the end of the summer. She is studying management at Georgia Tech, and is minoring in finance and information technology. This is her third year as a member of the Cadets -- she took last summer off after marching in 1999 and 2000. "I'm completely excited to be marching this year. Last year it really hit me how much I missed marching. But it's sad knowing my days are numbered," Stone said of aging out.