From a Fusion press release: The drum corps summer starts early in Canada, with our long weekend being a week before the American Memorial Day weekend. Simply known as "May Long Weekend," or "May Long" for short, it's the weekend where we get our first big jump on being outside and having the entire corps together. The April camp was such a huge success -- the horns and drums learned the rest of the music and charted 25 pages of drill, and the color guard learned the choreography for the first two tunes. We are now set up and ahead of schedule, which should help to create even more of a successful camp at "May Long." However, the weather cannot be factored out. Edmonton is still far enough north to get snow during May long weekend, and the weather could turn unfavorable simply overnight. On the other hand, it could also be very warm, with temperatures reaching the 80s. "But we can only worry about the things we can change and which we have control over," said Fusion do-director Dennie Hirsch, adding that the members, staff and volunteers are all "top-quality individuals and all of them are there for the right reasons." Hirsch continued, "I am very blessed to be able to work with such a great group while in my first year as director. They all have huge hearts and an incredible desire to become the best they can be and achieve personal success far beyond what they may have ever experienced before. This summer is going to be a great experience and I expect a very huge success for everyone involved with the group," Hirsch said.