Patricia Garcia of Pensacola, Fla., submitted this shot. "I had watched Spirit from JSU practicing in the hot, hot sun all day (on June 22, 2003), conduct a clinic that afternoon, and then give us an outstanding performance that night in Birmingham, Ala. "After the show, I decided to follow them to their bus and congratulate them on the great job they had done, and offer my admiration to these young men and women for the stamina they had demonstrated throughout that day. I found tired kids, with probably a tinge of sadness for only placing third that night. "As the members would come and go, I could see that they where changing out of their uniforms into the PJs for the night, some barefoot, some no shirts, and some hugging family and friends good-bye. I was preparing to leave for my drive back to Florida, when I suddenly noticed a scurry among the corps members, and saw them all pulling their instruments out and running around to form an arc. They looked pumped and ready to play. "They announced that all who wished to sit within this arc were welcome. I could not believe that this was the same, tired-looking bunch I had seen earlier, or they had anything left to put through those instruments to blow. "BUT BLOW they did. I had opted to stand in the middle of the arc for this performance, and when "Georgia" came out of those horns, I had problems hearing for several hours. I came away moved and with a deeper admiration for this group. They had just as much enthusiasm in this minishow as the one we had watched earlier. "I feel the metamorphosis I witnessed with Spirit that night said one thing: We may not have won first on that field tonight, but whether we're on the field or standing by the bus in our PJs, we are winners, and we WILL perform our song." Thanks Patricia! E-mail your Forzato submissions -- and we will get to them all, in time -- to along with where and when the photo was taken. Send some biographical information about yourself as well. We'll give you full credit. Also, let us know if you want your e-mail address included, to get feedback from other drum corps fans.