You've seen them in the parking lots at shows, heard the rumbling of their engines and smelled the diesel fumes. The coach bus is the backbone of the touring drum corps and home to dozens of young men and women for the seven-week DCI Summer Tour. And if you thought only the corps members had the chance to ride one of these beautiful machines to the 2008 World Championships in Bloomington, Ind., think again! Fans heading to the 2008 Drum Corps International World Championships in Indiana will be glad to know that DCI is ready to get you on board its complimentary shuttle service to and from Indianapolis for all Championship events in Bloomington!

Formerly affiliated with the Star of Indiana drum corps, Star of America charter service will
be pulling up at the '08 World Championships to shuttle fans to and from Indianapolis
to all events held in Bloomington.
DCI will be offering free, round-trip, non-stop service from downtown Indianapolis to Memorial Stadium on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week of the World Championships for fans with Indianapolis hotel reservations. While most drum corps buses will log over 10,000 miles on the road to Bloomington this summer, it's just a scant 55 from the center of Circle City. All that we need from you for this Championship journey is your shuttle reservation! One person can sign up for an entire party through a special online shuttle reservation site, so you can book seats for you and your family, friends, coworkers, bingo buddies, or whoever else you're bringing along to the world's greatest spectacle in marching music. Then just print out your reservation and bring a photo ID, and you're ready to ride! And if you haven't booked your hotel room yet, you're in luck! With the shuttle service ready to give you a ride to the World Championships, you shouldn't look anywhere other than Indianapolis for your lodging, dining, and "extra-corps-icular" entertainment needs. Indianapolis will be host to the Individual & Ensemble competition on Wednesday, Aug. 6, as well as numerous receptions, social gatherings, and other activities hosted by corps and alumni groups. On top of that, with all the outstanding dining, recreational, and nightlife opportunities available in the Circle City, where else would you want to go? Hotel availability may be limited in Bloomington, but DCI has reserved special hotel blocks for you in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. It's not too late to take advantage of these specially priced room blocks, but you have to hurry! If you wish to reserve five or more rooms, the deadline is Tuesday, July 1. All other reservations must be made by Wednesday, July 9. If you're ready to sign up, check out for a complete schedule and to make your reservations today! Head over to to book your hotel rooms!
• Frequently Asked Questions:Where can I catch the shuttle? In Indianapolis, riders will board the shuttle on the north side of the convention center at Maryland St. There is a semicircular loading and unloading point at that location. Fans should look for DCI representatives on the day of the events. After the Championship events from Bloomington, shuttles will depart from the south side of Memorial Stadium.
What do I need to bring to get on the bus with my party? The person making the reservations needs the following for his or her group to ride the shuttle: -Printed final itinerary page from the registration Web site when you complete your online registration. -A valid photo ID or other identification. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to ensure an on-time departure. Please note shuttle schedules are subject to change based on the volume of registrants. If any changes are made, registrants will be contacted by email.
Will I be able to catch a shuttle if I stay through the encore? How late will the shuttles run? Shuttles returning to Indianapolis will run continuously from 10:00pm to 1:00am. Fans will be able to stay for the whole competition, the encore performance, and will have time to do some shopping after the show is over. All you need to do is reserve a return shuttle when filling out your shuttle reservation. You need only select a single return shuttle for each night; shuttles will depart as they fill up from the south side of the stadium.
What if there's a delay in the show? Will the shuttles run later? Shuttles will adjust their schedules if any delays occur in the contest. Announcements will be made as necessary over the PA at the show. Drum Corps International will do its best to give all of its passengers a ride back to Indianapolis.
Can I register for my entire family or group? Yes. Once you sign up in the registration system, you can enter the number that will be in your group for the shuttle ride. They will all board the bus under your name and with your printed final itinerary page as their ticket.
What if I want to switch times? If you need to make changes in advance, 10 or more days before the World Championships you may make changes on the registration Web site. If it is the week of the World Championships, changes will be made based on availability. If extra seats are available, you and your group are welcome to ride! Just speak with the DCI representative at the shuttle location.
What if I miss the shuttle at the time that I registered for? If you miss your shuttle time, seating on a later shuttle for you and your group will be based on availability. Please check with the DCI representatives on-site at the shuttle pick-up areas for additional information.
What if I have more people that want to travel with me than I originally registered for? If you know in advance, 10 or more days before the World Championships, you may make changes on the registration Web site. If it is the week of the World Championships, riders will be accommodated based on availability. If extra seats are available, extra passengers are welcome to ride! Just speak with the DCI representative at the shuttle location.
Can I bring food and beverages on the bus? Yes. You and your group are welcome to bring food and beverages on the shuttle.
Will there be entertainment on the bus? Drum Corps International is working to develop some drum corps-style entertainment for the shuttle rides, but the spirit and energy of all those traveling to the World Championships may just be enough!
What if I don't have tickets to the 2008 World Championships yet? What are you waiting for?!! Find more information about tickets for all Championship events, or call 317.275.1225.
Where can I find more information about shuttles and hotels? If you have additional questions or comments, please contact Drum Corps International at 317.275.1212, or send an email to for shuttle inquiries, or for questions about hotel reservations.