Since I've started working again, I have once again remembered the feeling of that last hour of work when time just seems to drag slowly by. If only finals week felt like that. Every year as the season is coming to a close, I realize that I should be savoring my last few weeks with the other corps members, but the time slips by much faster than I would like it to.

Joe Smith
Hopefully this year I will actually take more pictures and make sure to cherish the time I have with the people around me, especially members outside of the horn line, because I always seem to spend much more time with members of my section. I'm realizing now that there is officially less than a month until move-in. I have mentioned before about how fast the preseason has passed by so quickly, but I feel that I can't emphasize it enough. This season is just flying by. Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane once again for camp, and then after camp on Monday, May 2, I will be flying back home for the last three and a half weeks of time that I have before I move out to California for the summer. As I sit here thinking about tour, I start to think of all the loose ends that I need to tie up before I leave on the May 27. I still need to put in my two week's notice, to the job I just started three weeks ago. At some point I need to try to find a school to be a visual technician at in the fall. At the top of the list though would have to be finishing my shopping for tour, because I have yet to finish that. Just yesterday I got my cool new backpack that I will use for tour. Recently while shopping for a hard case for a laptop, I came across a Web site called This Web site had some very creative backpacks and laptop cases. After some looking around I realized that one of the backpacks were used in the movie "The Fast and the Furious" by a gang on crotch rockets. The backpack was definitely something that would work well on tour, so I purchased it. I was very excited to see the box in front of my door when I got home from work. So I will be taking my new backpack to camp this weekend to make sure that it will be tough enough for the job. If all goes well this summer, I will for the first time in two years be doing articles on tour, as long as I can find a hotspot with connection once in awhile. I'm very excited about this. I have wanted to write while on tour before but because of restrictions and poor planning I was not able to. So look for that this summer. There are some very exciting things happening in the near future, including my 19th birthday on May 26. But move-in is definitely at the top of the list, so look for my articles each week and I'll keep you updated on my life, and hopefully something camp-related next week.