It's moments like these that I wish I marched back when there was symmetrical drill and only the staff carried drill charts. My computer doesn't seem to like me at the moment because it won't print anything correctly and I'm very frustrated with it. So I decided to stop for a few moments to write this. More and more work is being piled upon on us now that we are getting close to the end of the school year (at least for some), but at the same time the weather outside is getting much nicer than it was only a month ago. The last few days it was right around 70 degrees in Iowa, which is very surprising for this time of year.

Joe Smith
This week I had to go purchase a few items so that I'm ready for camp this weekend, including sun block since I would like to cut the tradition of me being extremely sunburned at the end of the first drill camp. When I went shopping I realized that very soon I will actually need to go shopping for things I need for tour, so currently in my head I am compiling a list of things I will need this summer (including fruit snacks). I'm a little apprehensive about going to the airport on Friday morning. For the last two camps, whenever I go through the airport both ways they end up searching my bags, including the bag that only has my air mattress and sleeping bag. I wonder if they just don't want to be my friends. Last Friday I went to the local mall and purchased my shoes for tour. I've been wearing them every day since then so that I can try to break them in as much as possible before camp on Friday. So far I must say that I am extremely pleased with them, they're extremely comfortable and when I'm bored I can just take them off and bend them in half because it amuses me (I'm easily amused). For those of you who have camp this weekend, good luck and have fun.