Thomas "Tractor" Bureau sent in this one. "This is a picture of Bryan Marion and I (I'm on the left). We were the drum majors for the 2004 Boston Crusaders. We were both ageouts in 2004, and we miss it so much. We don't really see much of each other any more due to getting older and dealing with the normal things age outs deal with. I spent five years with the Boston Crusaders, and Bryan spent seven. "It is really hard to just give up drum corps cold turkey after marching for so long. Being the drum major, I learned so much about who a drum corps really gets down the road. Bryan was the man. He and I worked so well as a team. I look at the pictures and just think about all the crazy things tour brings you! For The 2005 Boston Crusaders I would like to say, "Eat 'em up BAC!" Thanks Thomas!
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