From a Glassmen press release: The Glassmen may only be halfway through the winter/spring camps, but with spring around the corner and the summer close behind, the corps is moving full speed ahead towards the touring season -- and they couldn't be more excited! For 2003, the corps has designed a unique program highlighting the cycle of "the elements." Each segment -- Air, Earth, Fire and Water - will be dramatically and colorfully presented on the field in a fury of musical and visual orchestrations. Details about the production can be found on the Glassmen Web site. The corps has been lucky this year battling the Midwest winter, and has managed to conduct all the scheduled camps to date. Having completed the music for this year's program, the corps will turn its focus towards the visual side of the presentation at next weekend's camp in Toledo. "I've been really pleased and especially inspired by the work of our members and staff over the winter months," said Brian Hickman, executive director for the Glassmen. "I think people will be intrigued by the new look and direction for the corps. We've managed to build on our strengths from past years, and give them a fresh new twist for the coming season." Matthew Hensley and Andrew Ebert, drum majors for the Glassmen, echo the members' excitement about the show. "Our season is going great so far! We are having tons of fun with our 2003 production and we greatly anticipate sharing this energy and emotion with our friends, family, and fans all across the country," said Ebert. A complete tour schedule can also be found on the Glassmen Web site, as well as opportunities to buy tickets to several shows along the way. Tickets for the corps' annual All-Star Review competition will go on sale in late March. Stay tuned for more details!