From a Glassmen press release: In the second year of a cooperative effort, the Glassmen have teamed up with a local BASF coatings research and development facility to create a drum sensation like no other - and helped to make the corps' drum line one of the top in the nation!
Karl Schnapp, Manager at BASF's Whitehouse, Ohio, site (and alumni and former staff of the Glassmen) had initially suggested finishing the drums in an innovative line of custom automotive paint. Last year, they used "Copperhead Bronze" from the "Extreme Colors" series, which traveled in color from gold to orange to bronze. The color of the drums and shields this year are part of the BASF "Carizzma" custom color series. It was specifically created for the Glassmen by color designer specialist Irene Rezbanyay, in conjunction with the corps staff, to accent the guard and the overall show design. To enhance the exquisite teal blue color, tiny bits of reflective ground glass were used (in place of aluminum flakes) to give the drums a classy shimmer seen both in bright daylight as well as under the stadium lights. (How appropriate that the Glassmen are actually playing on glass coated drums!) You can also see in the photo where John Kocinski, head of the paint team at the BASF lab in Whitehouse, Ohio, had airbrushed the Dynasty logo into the snare drum treatment.