From a Glassmen press release: The Glassmen have been very busy on this particular summer tour, playing for 20 extra concert and clinic events, as well as the usual 30 scheduled DCI-sanctioned competitions across the country.

The Glassmen perform in Rochester Hills, Mich. (left), and at the Toledo Zoo Ampitheater.
The corps played to a full house over the weekend in their hometown Toledo Zoo Amphitheater for the annual Music Under the Stars concert series, sponsored by the Toledo Symphony. Dusk fell over the brightly lit stage as the corps filed in front, giving the crowd an in-your-face concert like no other! Executive director Brian Hickman took the microphone, introducing each piece, and giving the captive audience a glimpse into the inner workings of a drum corps, as well as the story behind the music. Members of the Glassmen have been working all year on the pieces played at the zoo concert, as well as other concerts around the country. The corps kicked off the season with their debut concert at the Valentine Theatre, featuring 50 minutes of a variety of tunes, including their 2005 summer production, "A New World." A live recording [] of this event has also been made available this summer through the Glassmen. The corps has since performed the full concert in festivals, on stages and on fields across the country as part of the corps' commitment to expanding opportunities and broadening horizons for both the members and fans. Future engagements include a collaborative concert currently in discussion with the Toledo Symphony in the spring of 2006, prior to the corps European tour. In addition to all the concert work, the corps has continued to develop their educational "Entertrainment" clinic series, including a joint clinic as part of the FJM, Inc., series earlier this month. More than 1,000 students attend these clinics during the summer, and get the opportunity to not only see how the corps works behind the scenes, but also to join them on the field and get up close and personal with the members and staff of the corps. The next Glassmen concert and clinic series will be held in Buffalo, N.Y., as the corps plays a full concert at Niagara Falls on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and again in downtown Buffalo on Wednesday, Aug. 3. The "Entertrainment" clinic will be held at the stadium later that afternoon before the competition. See and for more details.