From Glassmen's Web site: The traveling is complete! After almost a full 24 hours of travel between the U.S. and France, the corps is finally running full steam ahead out of their housing location in France. "Although the trip was long," says Brian Hickman, director of the Glassmen, "the travel was really a breeze aside from one passport glitch, which was eventually fixed." The corps arrived yesterday in England with a couple of flights that landed within a few hours of each other, and then they boarded three buses and two trucks to France.

Glassmen's bus gets loaded onto the Eurotunnel train
Along with viewing the beautiful countryside of England, the corps was treated to the unique experience of riding on the train through the Eurotunnel from England to France. This was a new experience for everyone as this is no ordinary train ride. The buses the corps were on literally drove into the train itself and then rode along on the tracks under the English Channel. Since the vehicles cannot run while in transit it got a little warm up in the top of the double decker bus, but the staff survived by walking around the train a bit for some "fresh" air. Glassmen will make daily updates while in Europe. Follow them every day on