From a Glassmen press release: Bonjour! After a superb first week on tour in the U.S., the Glassmen are taking their first ever overseas tour to Europe.

Glassmen members Sydney Moilanen, Taylor Landers, Becca Aavang and Mark Ziegler arrive at London's Heathrow Airport
The corps just landed this morning safe and sound at London's Heathrow Airport, and the members and staff are ecstatic about beginning their first international tour. The adventure began last night as they left from JFK Airport in New York City on a flight to London. Today, the corps members board the buses to head through the Eurotunnel on their way to Saint Quentin, France, for the rest of the week. Beginning today, daily updates will appear on the Glassmen Web site about the happenings of the corps each day in Europe. Check out for more photos and information as the tour progresses. Au revoir!