From a Glassmen press release: The Glassmen this week released their new CD, entitled "GLASSMEN: Designs for a Modern America." This recording marks the first time the corps has produced a recording in the historic Toledo Art Museum's Peristyle Theater. The 1,700-seat Greek, classical-style theater is also home of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and the setting for the March 5-6 combined concerts with the
Glassmen and the Toledo Symphony. This is the Glassmen's third collaboration with long-time drum corps recording producer Frank Dorritie. "I've done dozens of corps recordings," says Dorritie, "but this one is special. The gorgeous acoustics of the Peristyle, combined with the obvious commitment to the music demonstrated by the Glassmen and their understanding of the significance and history of the venue, made this a most gratifying experience. Their enthusiasm and high-performance standards made working with them a real joy. This is a great recording of a world-class ensemble." The title, "Designs for a Modern America," was chosen as a tribute to our nation, as well as a tribute to young men and women that make drum corps in this country what it is today. Songs include "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful," as well as the main highlight: A concert-style recording of the corps' 2002 program, "Odyssey," with music by American composers Michael Kamen and Michael Torke. The 2001 field performance of "Imago" is also included on the CD. To purchase the CD, please visit the Glassmen Web site.