From a Glassmen press release: When the Glassmen take the field this summer, their look will be more dazzling than ever, thanks to an exotic, color-shifting paint from BASF normally seen only on custom cars. The people at BASF's nearby Whitehouse, Ohio, coatings research and development site painted the corps' new drums using "Extreme Colors," the company's line of brilliant automotive paints that change color as the viewing angle changes.

The new Glassmen drums (left) and a BASF painter.
"Musical and visual pageantry is our 'stock in trade,' and our instruments are a highly visible part of our performance," said Brian Hickman, executive director of the Glassmen. "We recently ordered a full complement of drums from Dynasty USA/DEG Music Products, Inc., which supplies our brass and percussion instruments, and we wanted to do something new and exciting with them." Hickman turned to his friends and long-time Glassmen supporters at BASF for ideas. Karl Schnapp, Manager at BASF's Whitehouse site, suggested finishing the new drums in an innovative line of custom automotive paint. Hickman's staff settled on "Copperhead Bronze," which "travels" in color from gold to orange to bronze, depending on the angle. "It's a perfect complement to our corps' uniforms and brass instruments," said Hickman of the color chosen for the new drums. Dynasty USA provided 55 wooden drum shells, which were finished in Copperhead Bronze by BASF's painters before final assembly. "A project like this is a welcome diversion for us, but more importantly, it's an opportunity for us to help a group of special young men and women," said Schnapp. Go HERE to see more pictures.