Monday, June 9 -- day 18 Well the rain finally appears to be going away. We had one little shower this morning that interrupted our block for only a couple minutes, and then the rest of the day was just disgustingly humid and sunny. The bugs aren't getting any better either, gnats and mosquitoes seem to love drum corps members. They only seem to bother me while we're playing big chunks of music without a metronome. As for big chunks of music, the last couple days have pretty much been devoted to our closer, "Sanctus" by Leonard Bernstein. The pit has really been beating a bunch of it to death lately, particularly the beginning section of it. It's one of the pit's most dangerous parts of the show, and it would suck to screw it up. We've been doing complete run-throughs the last couple nights without the metronome when the weather permits. I'm just so glad to be done with the show already, rehearsals run by so much easier now since we don't have to learn anything new. It's just gonna be awesome to have an entire week to clean the whole show before we leave. Of course, things will be even better once we get every member into the run-through, since there's a couple injuries and some people who have missed rehearsal for exams and graduation. I just feel like we've been in spring training for ever, these last 2 1/2 weeks have just gone by so slow, yet so fast at the same time. Only about 61 days left of this summer, and only four days away from our preview show in Orlando. Scherzo archives Fox, 19, is a junior at Florida State University. He played in the front ensemble of the Tampa Bay Thunder 2000 and 2001, and with the Phantom Regiment 2002, and will play with the Magic of Orlando in 2003. Fox will report back from each spring camp, and continue his reports through the summer. Send him e-mail at, or instant message him at friceox.