Jerome Horne
Jerome A. Horne, 21 Valdosta State University Teal Sound Baritone 2007-2009 How did you choose your corps? I chose Teal Sound as an alternative to an audition with Carolina Crown for the 2007 season. The drum line instructor at my university is affiliated with Teal Sound and had told me about them after I expressed interest in marching with a corps. I hadn't really thought of marching in an Open Class corps at the time, but when I learned that the corps had new management and they wanted to grow the organization and move to the next level, I figured that I might as well. I've always wanted to help build an organization and help set a firm foundation for the future so Teal Sound became just that for me. In your experience, what's the best way to prepare for an audition? First I'd say to make sure you read all of the audition information very carefully to make sure you understand the requirements and know what will be expected of you. Second if it's a brass or percussion audition, make sure you have prepared the music to the best of your abilities. What can a prospective corps member expect when he/she shows up for an audition weekend? A prospective member should expect to be greeted warmly from the staff and returning members. They should have an open mind and be prepared to play, drum or spin when asked. Also, it's important to understand that being in a drum corps is not always easy, and some of the weekend's activities will probably require physical exertion. The first time you auditioned, was the process different from what you expected it to be? Yes and no. Yes, because I just had no idea what to expect and the way the auditions were done was not what I had imagined. No, because once I was in the audition room by myself, it felt like several auditions I had previously gone through in high school and college. Were you nervous at your first audition? Yes I was nervous. I just knew that being part of a drum corps was something I really wanted to do, and that helped get me past most of the nervousness I had. What do you think is most important for someone to take away from the audition experience? You should feel good about yourself for even going to the audition in the first place. I meet so many people who always say how they wish they were good enough to or could have marched in a drum corps, but they never go to an audition. As people often say, you never know until you try. Also, be sure to take in everything that you learn from your experience both good and bad. Listen to the advice that staff gives you and come back to the next rehearsal/audition camps even better. Any other advice? If you know people who have marched in a corps before make sure to talk to them and ask them many questions. They can provide first-hand insight into the audition process and the whole drum corps experience. Be confident and remember the audition is not only about how well you play, march, drum and spin, but also your attitude. If a staff member sees a prospective member who has a great attitude and is willing to work hard, that might win him/her a spot over someone who was a better marcher and player but had a poor attitude. Drum corps is both a physical and mental activity. Learn more about corps audition dates, locations and more.