Jim and Grace Jones
Grace Jones, wife of DCI Hall of Fame member Jim Jones (a charter member of DCI board of directors, the founder and director of the Troopers for 30 years), passed away today in Casper, Wyo.^ "She was there every step of the way," said Gene Monterastelli, a former Troopers instructor. "She was in charge of volunteers. She took care of the food, she took care of the kids. She was always on the trips -- from 1957 to 1987. She continued to support the corps until her death," Monterastelli said. Off the road, Jim (who died in 1994) and Grace ran a contracting business together in Casper. Grace and Jim are survived by five children -- Cathy (marched in the Troopers), Laurel (marched in the Troopers), Gail (marched in the Troopers), Lynn (marched in the Troopers) and Jimmy.