SPC Michael Olsen of the 101st Air Assault and a former member of the Cavaliers, sent this photo and note to DCI staff member Missy Berg while deployed in Afghanistan.

Good afternoon from Afghanistan. I am sorry it took so long to write but we have just completed the first six weeks of a long deployment. The DCI flag means a lot to me, especially when I am listening to the old Bridgemen or the Cavaliers. I like that I can look up above my head and remember that there is a better place than where I am. It also takes me back to the days when I along with 127 of my brothers and sisters would work for 13 minutes to impress the crowd and judges.

This photo shows the pride that DCI taught me when I was a marching member. The pride that I have now carried on into my adult life. I am proud to say that I am a Former Marching Member.

If anyone from the DCI family or the DCI supporters want to write me, please pass on my email address: michael.gary.olsen@us.army.mil.

Sincerely Yours;

SPC Michael Olsen

G Co TF 7-101

101st Air Assault