Greetings from Rockford! Yesterday was the first day of Phantom Regiment's spring training. For this week, the horn line, color guard, and drum line will remain solely within their sections working to solidify all of the techniques and concepts that were introduced during the winter season. Next week, we'll all come together to create the 2005 version of the Phantom Regiment. I already feel like a train wreck.

Lanah Kopplin
In order to aid our muscles in the "strength-building" process, we euphoniums strap ankle weights onto our horns. The extra weight makes us work harder to hold up the horn, thus building muscle in an expedited fashion. Faster, of course, but certainly not painless. I just keep telling myself that this is the last time I'll ever have to go through this. After all, this time next year I could be lounging by the pool with an ice-cold beverage in hand. Moral is running high. Even though the rehearsal is tough, everyone has already noticed marked improvements in our performance quality. It's always good to know that our hard work is paying off. I just hope that we can continue this progress in the weeks ahead. That's all for this week -- now I have to go and memorize our concert pieces, or experience the wrath of JD's displeasure. Make sure to check out our Web site and come see us sometime. Lanah Kopplin is a third-year euphonium player in the Phantom Regiment, and previously spent a year with the Pioneer. Lanah recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin (she's a Milwaukee native) with a political science degree, and will age out in 2005.