In recognition of Winter Guard International World Championships being held in San Diego this week, we'll be focusing some editorial firepower on anecdotes and stories related to guards. Think back to those formative, funny, inspiring or memorable guard stories and send them in! They can be as long or as short as you would like. Attach a picture of yourself or the situation you're writing about if you can. And by all means, pass this on to your guard friends! We'll edit these stories for clarity, grammar and appropriateness. If you have a guard-related anecdote or story, send it to By Becky Blom I had marched the past nine years in Capital Sound's color guard and I was preparing to march out for our last show with my corps. As we were getting ready for our final guard meeting, Mr. Harry Heidelmark (a prominent photographer in the DCI activity) came up to me and explained to me that it has been watching me perform for the past nine years. I started to cry, of course, and he went on explaining that he had a family emergency earlier that week but decided to stay. He said that if it wasn't for my smile and performance at the Division II & III prelims he probably would have gone home.

Becky Blom (front and center) and "her fantastic guard girlies last summer."
I could do nothing but ball my eyes out and thank him for his kind words. After that I led my guard for our last show of the season and had an amazing show. I thank my lucky stars for the people I have met in this activity. I now get to head the color guard section from an instructor's standpoint and enjoy the performance of all my girls now -- you are my sunshine ladies. Keep practicing.