Murray Gusseck has been promoted to percussion caption head of the Santa Clara Vanguard for the 2003 season. Gusseck has been an integral part of the Santa Clara percussion section for many years. "Murray's involvement with the line definitely brings out the best in them," said corps director Rick Valenzuela. Jim Casella, the corps' previous caption head since 1996, will still be actively involved as he will continue as the percussion arranger and a part of the design team. Gusseck is currently working with high school bands in the Northern California area. He composed pieces for the Vanguard Dance Company, as well as has books published by Tap Space Publications. Gusseck currently resides in San Jose, Calif.Gusseck started marching as a tenor player in Santa Clara in 1988 and aged out after five years in 1992. He joined SCV as a staff member in 1994 for one year and again from 1996 through 1999. In and around that time frame Gusseck attended San Jose State University, studying music and drums. He also taught and arranged marching season and winter percussion shows for Gilroy High School and Amador Valley High School under Dennis Aquilina. Also, Murray was/is the drummer for the eclectic fusion group Merge.