There are two categories of nominations for the DCI Hall of Fame: those for the “Legacy Category” and those for the “Contemporary Category.” Candidates will still be inducted into one Hall of Fame, however, the nominations will be voted upon separately in these two distinct categories.

Requirements for the Legacy Category

Any person who has been inactive in a principal role with any specific drum corps (one or more) for 25 or more years will be considered a Legacy candidate. A principal role is director, chief executive officer, tour director, writer, arranger, composer, designer, guard instructor, teaching staff, etc. Candidates having an affiliation with a corps in any capacity such as those outlined above during the past 25-year period would not be eligible for the Legacy Category.

Former adjudicators may also be nominated as possible candidates for the Legacy Category. To qualify for consideration, the nominee must have been inactive as a DCI adjudicator for 25 or more years.

It is not feasible to list every possibility with regard to principal role and the Legacy Category. Through the vetting process of the applications, the DCI Hall of Fame Selection Committee will examine all of the credentials; however, the Committee will use 25 years as its initial benchmark and guideline to help assure the nominee qualifies for consideration in the Legacy Category.

Anyone who nominates a candidate in the Legacy Category should clearly indicate, as part of the nomination letter, that the nomination is being made specifically for consideration in the Legacy Category of the DCI Hall of Fame.

Additional details

A person who writes either a letter of nomination or a letter of support for one candidate cannot write another letter of nomination or another letter of support for any other candidate in a given year.

The selection committee shall accept one (1) letter of nomination, not more than two (2) single-sided pages in length or one (1) double-sided page. The selection committee shall accept ONLY TWO (2) letters of support and those letters must also not be more than two (2) single-sided pages in length or one (1) double-sided page. Please, no photos should be included. If the Chairperson receives more than two (2) letters of support or letters of support longer than two (2) pages, the Chairperson reserves the right to return the letter or to choose among the letters that meet the requirements.

Letters of nomination and support

Whether Legacy or Contemporary, all nomination letters should be very specific about the accomplishments of the candidate. A list of bullet points or a numbered list of dates of service, accomplishments, etc., is an excellent format for the selection committee to examine and to read.  All letters must contain contact information for the author of the letter, including name, mailing address, home or mobile telephone number, and email address. Please also include such information for the candidate as well. If the nomination is being proposed posthumously, kindly indicate.

Once again, there must be only one (1) letter of nomination and there must be only two letters of support. None of the letters is to be greater than two (2) single-sided or one double-sided page.

It is the responsibility of the author of the nomination letter to collect the letters of support and email all of the information at the same time to Drum Corps International c/o Liz Glass,

If preferable or easier, nominating parties can mail (USPS) the letters to:

Chairperson, DCI Hall of Fame, c/o Liz Glass
Drum Corps International
110 W. Washington St, Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46204

All nomination and supporting materials must be received by the DCI office by close of business on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

A maximum of four (4) names will appear on the annual Hall of Fame ballot in the Legacy Category. A maximum of 10 names will appear on the same Hall of Fame ballot in the Contemporary Category. Voters will choose a maximum of half of the candidates in each category. For selection, the candidate must be approved/voted by a minimum of 60 percent of the total number of voters.

Any questions regarding the DCI Hall of Fame or the nomination process should be addressed by Chairman George Oliviero at